I visited my old Multiply site for shits and giggles and found this picture that my sister took. It’s of me walking underneath this public art sculpture in Kowloon Park.

We visited Hong Kong after my 18th birthday. I didn’t want a debut and neither did my sister, so our parents booked us a trip to HK—- one of those packaged trips with tour guides and ready transportation and lodging. I wanted to go backpacking, but my mother was not adventurous enough. :)

We went there a few months after my operation was done. It was quite tricky, trying to plan for the trip without knowing whether I’d be able to walk by then. Salamat sa Diyos for my doctor, who told me I could walk with the cane.

The cane was like a fast lane ticket during the trip. They wouldn’t let me go through lines wherever we went, and they always helped me down the bus etc. They walked slowly and always asked if I was tired etc. 

Forgive me for being human, but I liked it. :)

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