If you haven’t heard, Forever21 recently opened the doors of its new store in SM North EDSA. For those unfamiliar, (oh hello guys and girls who don’t really care), it’s a clothing line popular for its vibrant and always up-to-date collections at prices that don’t break the bank.

My mom, my sister…

I actually agree with this post.

I went to the same Forever21 branch just earlier and gasped at some of the prices (and splurged on a top, I hate myself).

Landmark has some similar stuff for a fraction of the cost. I’ve also seen high-quality replicas of their jewelry and hats in Villalobos and Divi. How to make ripped T-shirt tutorials may be found here and all over the net.

I do like their sheer, flimsy, gauzy tops (that are hot weather-friendly). I can excuse the prices for those, because thin fabrics like chiffon and silk are very tricky to sew (I speak from experience). And there are some items there that are hard to find anywhere else. and THEY HAVE A PLUS SIZE SELECTION! So yeah, pros and cons. :)

I don’t think I’ll be shopping there anytime soon though. I really have to save up now.